Russia and the region are endowed with one of the world’s most diverse and rich reserves of natural resources. Baring Vostok funds have actively invested in energy and forestry companies starting from the early privatisation projects of the 1990s, and later with the establishment of Burren Energy, an international oil company with assets in the Caspian region, in Africa, India and the Middle East. Since 1994, The funds have invested in a total of 18 projects related to natural resources, with total investments approximately $450 million .
Volga Gas

Volga Gas

Independent oil and gas company carrying out exploration and production in the Volga Region
London, Great Britain
Moscow, Russia
Year of initial investments:
Controlling shareholding

The company aims to implement an aggressive growth strategy by developing its existing proven reserves, and through mergers and acquisitions.

The company was established in 2005 by Russian entrepreneurs and Baring Vostok Private Equity Fund III, to consolidate oil and gas assets in the Volga Region.

Development stages:

  • Mikhail Ivanov, a partner of Baring Vostok, became CEO of the new company.
  • Upon receiving access to financing, the company developed rapidly. Through acquisitions in the secondary market and participation in auctions, the company purchased four license areas for hydrocarbon exploration and production.
  • In April 2007, about 40% of the new issue of Volga Gas shares were placed at the alternative investment market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. This allowed for the launch of the planned production programme.
  • The company discovered two oil fields (Uzenskoye and South Uzenskoye) and within a short period of time launched oil production, processing and sales.
  • After the successful resolution of a judicial dispute with Trans Nafta in 2011, the company purchased a gas processing plant and started producing and selling gas and gas condensate.
  • In 2009, the company became EBITDA-positive, and the company is now increasing its revenues and profit steadily.

Other projects


31 January 2017

Nostrum Oil & Gas: Operational Update for the Fourth Quarter and the Twelve Months ending 31 December 2016.

Nostrum Oil & Gas PLC, an independent oil and gas company engaging in the production, development and exploration of oil and gas in the pre-Caspian Basin, today announces its operational update for the twelve months period ending 31 December 2016. This update is being issued in advance of the release of Nostrum’s consolidated accounts for the same period. The information contained in this update remains subject to review by the independent auditors.
29 November 2016

Volga Gas Pls. LPG Project Authorisation.

Volga Gas Plc is pleased to announce that the Board of the Company has given preliminary authorisation to a project based at the Group's Dobrinskoye Gas Processing plant for the capture, storage and sale of liquid petroleum gases from the gas and condensate streams produced from the Vostochny Makarovskoye and Dobrinskoye fields.
02 May 2012 closes $ 75 million fund-raising from Accel Partners and Baring Vostok Private Equity Fund IV to accelerate Russian expansion.

<p>, the largest online classifieds website in Russia, announced today that it has received $75 million in new funding from Baring Vostok Private Equity Fund IV, Accel Partners, and existing investors Kinnevik and Northzone. The new funds will be used to further fuel the company’s strong growth throughout Russia and to continue attracting world-class talent.</p>